Conceptual Cherkashin Metropolitan Museum

Valera & Natasha Cherkashin



1. I'm Athlete. At the outset of fitness and bodybuilding in the USSR. Kharkov 1962-1963

2. I'm a soviet bodybuilder. Kharkov 1964

3. Acting with a finger nail. Kharkov 1965

4. I'm gladiator. Kharkov 1965

5. Narcissus. Kharkov 1965

6. Struggle for Justice. Threatening help to Vietnam, here it is! Kharkov 1966

7. Monologue: I'm an artist. Kharkov 1966

8. I'm an Artist. Jaws. Performance at a hospital. Kharkov 1966

9. Night with a pioneer leader. Freud. Kharkov 1967

10. Prague's picnic. Kharkov 1968

11. Blind musician. Pray for recovery. Dedication to Ray Charles. Kharkov 1969

12. Transformation. Freud 2. Kharkov 1970

13. Tragic violoncello. Kharkov 1970

14. Face art. Kharkov 1971

15. Week of cutting hair. End of Hippie. Kharkov 1972

16. Harem at the office. Kharkov 1978-79

17. Symbols in a window. Kharkov 1981

18. Adam and Eve. A Story with an apple. Kharkov 1981

19. Posing café on our background. Kharkov 1982

20. Identification of art works of the Cherkashins in the world space, everywhere, 1980.

21. Privatization of the objects of Art for the People. Metro Station, Revolution Square, Moscow. 9:00 p.m., November, 1990.

22. Examination: Identification of works of "Art for the people" through the sense of touch. Moscow, Dec. 1990.

23. Presentation of diplomas: Expert in the determination of works of "Art for the people", handed by V.I. Lenin. Central Lenin Museum, Moscow, 01/1991.

24. Excursion to the Lenin Museum with Vladimir Ilyich Lenin as a guide. Central Lenin Museum, Moscow. January, 1991.

25. Farewell to the epoch. Funeral meal. Tretiyakov Gallery grounds, Moscow. 7:00 p.m., 24 April, 1991.

26. How to succeed in the fight against inflation. Moscow, May 1991.

27. The People's love of Art for the People. A model and a model - work with privatized objects. Moscow. At night, June, 1991.

28. The secret Ballot - the most secret voting in the world. Toilets in the A-3 gallery, Moscow, February 1992.

29. Eating the symbols from the red piano. A-3 gallery, Moscow, February 1992.

30. Subbotnik - the work of caring for privatized objects. Metro Station, Revolution Square, Moscow, February, 1992.

31. Flower and fruit installation in honor of the birthday of G. Rossini. Znamenskaya Church, Moscow, Febr. 1992.

32. Valera Cherkashin gives a secret breakfast in the Kremlin in honor of his wife's birthday. The Kremlin, Palace of Congresses, Moscow. May, 1992.

33. The Supremacist bedroom. F-3 gallery, Moscow, November 1992.

34. The Underground Wedding. Metro Station, Revolution Square, Moscow. 31 January, 1993.

35. Creation of the portraits of the compatriots, put against the wall. Moscow, February 1993.

36. The Underground Beauty contest. Miss 38. Metro Station, Revolution Square, Moscow. 8 March, 1993.

37. The creation of the profiles of contemporaries. Ostankino TV Center, Moscow, April 1993.

38. Valera Cherkashin gives a solemn supper in the Ostankino TV Center in honor of his wife's birthday. Moscow, April 1993.

39. Valera Cherkashin gives an official tea party with Russian vodka in honor of his wife's birthday. The Capitol, Washington. April, 1994.

40. Visiting famous American artists with a Russian samovar. National Gallery, Washington. April 25, 1994.

41. Creating portraits of Americans standing in line at the mausoleum. Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico.May 1994.

42. Gift of a work of art to the Pacific Ocean. San Francisco. 14 May 1994.

43. Bathing a work of art in the Atlantic Ocean. Miami Beach, Florida. 26 May, 1994.

44. Bathing a work of art in a beautiful swimming pool. The Raleigh Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida. 26 May 1994.

45. Liberation and flight of a work by Valera Cherkashin from the head of the Statue of Liberty. 7 June 1994.

46. Drinking of Russian vodka in an American democratic way. Broadway, New York. 7 June 1994.

47. Natasha Cherkashin exhibits her husband in Tate Gallery for the Turner Prize. London. Tate Gallery. November, 1994.

48. Bathing of a work of art from the collection of the Museum Metropolitan of Cherkashin in the Fountain in Trafalgar Square and in the 'Eros' Fountain in Piccalilli Circus London. November, 1994.

49. Bathing of a work of art from the collection of the Museum Metropolitan of Cherkashin in the bathroom of Gilbert and George. London, November, 1994.

50. Exhibition of the sculpture from the collection of the Museum Metropolitan of Cherkashin in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. November, 1994.

51. "Frozen and unfrozen Soviet People" Moscow. 1997.

555. A lap of art work, dedicated to 850 anniversary of Moscow. Olympic swimming pool, Moscow. 1996

52. Valera and Natasha Cherkashin show Americans how to launder money. Studio of Fred George, New York, 1998.

53. The flight at the airplane around Manhattan and gift of art work to American people above Central Park. New York, 1998.

54. An artistic solution in Japan on the issue of Northern Territories. Odaiba, Tokyo. October 1999.

55. An artistic solution in Niagara Falls on the issue of Wonders of the World. USA, December, 1999.

56. Rapprochement of Japan and Russia, Cape Soya, Hokkaido, Japan. December, 2000.

57. Frozen and unfrozen Capitals. International Banking Club. Moscow, 2002.

58. Decoration of Gobi desert by newspaper flowers. Mongolia, 2002.

59. Flight of the Black square in Mongolian sky as a kite. Mongolia, 2002.

60. Creating portraits of contemporaries from the pages of Creative Magazine. Manege, Moscow, 2003.

61. Struggle with distributors of advertisements. Shanghai, April 2007.

62. Cutting of the Hair 2. Evolution of Chaos. Crimea, august 2008.

63. Man of the Future. What are you? Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich. May 5, 2009

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