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2014 - New York, Premonition. DEVE Gallery, Moscow.

2013 - Khrushchev and Mao: An Exhibit. Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York.

- Alan Klotz Gallery. New York.

2012 - Road to Myshako. Myshako Winery. International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA IV, Krasnodar.

- Luxury Beneath the Surface. Poltrona Frau Showroom. Galerie Blue Square, Washington DC.

- XVII Encuentros Abiertos Festival De La Luz. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Evolution of Chaos. Scream of Apocalypse. Personal exhibition.

- FotoFest 2012 Biennial - Perestroika: Liberalization & ExperimentationMirages of Soviet Empire. Personal Exhibition. Houston, USA.

2011 - Monuments. Kultproekt Gallery, Moscow.

Transportation Evolution. Dubai Experience. World Trade Center, Dubai.

- Moscow International Finance Week, Swiss Hotel Krasnye Holmy, Moscow.

- The End of the Epoch. Center of Photography behalf of the Luimer Brothers. Moscow.

2010 - Project Global Underground, Bernstein Gallery, Princeton University.

2009 - Barbarian-Art Gallery, Zurich (Catalog)

- Moscow - Bilbao. Transfer. Center for Contemporary art Winzavod. Together with Ima Montoya. Moscow (Catalog)

- Exhibition in the residence of Eric Rubin, Embassy of the USA, Moscow.

2008 - Valera's Jubilee exhibition. Union of Photo Artists. Moscow.

- New York. Premonition. Museum of Modern Art, Rostov on Don, Russia.

- Metro in Art and Art in Metro. Exhibition in Moscow Museum of Modern Art. (Catalog)

- Global Underground. Gallery Blue Square, Paris.

- Global Underground. Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center. Washington DC.

- For Kozlov Jazz Club. Moscow.

2007 - Metro New York--Moscow. Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY.

- Night with a Pioneer Leader. Museum of Modern Art, Rostov on Don, Russia. (Catalog)

- The End of the Epoch. Project Museum of the USSR. Andrei Sakharov Museum & Public Center. Moscow. (Catalog)

- Vasiliev Theatre. Moscow.

2006 - Presentation of ZOOM Magazine, Maxilab, Moscow.

- Night with a Pioneer Leader, Glaz Gallery, Moscow House of Photography, Moscow.

- Chippolino. Frolov Gallery. Moscow.

- Labirint. Frolov Gallery. Moscow

- Portuguese Embassy. Moscow

- New York. Presentation of Mirax company. Moscow

- Presentation. Office of Kodak Company in Moscow.

2005 - Mirages of Empires. XV International Festival "Month of Photography in Bratislava", Slovakia.

- Futurism & Nostalgia. Great Neck Arts Center, New York, USA

- Gallery of Martha Schneider, Chicago, USA.

- Moscow. Love. Artist's network of Riverdale, Toronto, Canada. Organized by Stella art Gallery.

- New York Fashion. Fashion week. Crocus City. Moscow.

- New York Real and Unreal. Union of Photo Artists, Moscow.

- Perestoika: First came the Word. Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York, USA

2004 - Sport in Arts. Aphrodites of Russia. Municipal art Center, Athens, Greece. (Stella Art Gallery).

2003 - Fountain of Friendship. Indian Cultural Center.  Moscow.

- Moscow,  100 Anniversary. The Embassy of New Zeeland. Moscow.

- Moscow. The Embassy of Columbia. Moscow.

2002 - Moscow, Putin's Era. Columbia University, New York, USA.

- Favorite Portraits of People in the World. Fleet Bank, Empire State Building. New York. USA.

- From USSR to Russia. The Emil R. Weiss Center for The Arts. Dickinson College, PA, the USA.

- New York, September 11. The International University. Moscow.

- Supremacist Meditation.  Intersection, Kara Kurum, Mongolia. (Catalog)

- Mirages of Empires. The State Russian Museum. St. Petersburg.

- Capital. International Banking Club. Moscow.

2001 - Empires. Details. Municipal Art Gallery Phoenix, Moscow.

- Cultural Workers of Europe on Bank notes. Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities, Moscow.

- Mirages of Empire. Russian American Cultural Center, New York.

2000 - From USSR to Russia. International Center of Photography, Shadai Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

- Western Empires. Wakkanai University, Japan.

- "Empires": Russia Past and Present. Together with Bill Wright and Steve Yates. Irving Arts Center, Dallas, TX, USA.

- Permanent installation Goodbye Favorite European Portraits: hello Euro. World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC.

- Favorite Portraits. Fashion House. Moscow.

- Mirages of Empires. PhotoEspana 2000, Caja Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

- The Kremlin Catacombs. Dom. Moscow.

- Germany on High. Baltchug - Kempinski Hotel, Moscow.

- Between Nostalgia and Mirage. Russian State University for Humanities, Moscow.

- Flying High. Dom. Moscow.

- Complete Flying High. Dom. Moscow.

1999 - Goodbye Favorite European Portraits: hello Euro. World Bank Headquarters Atrium Pool, Washington DC.

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- Improvisation. International Center of Photography, Shadai Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

- Exhibition at the apartment of the Cherkashins. Tokyo.

- Exhibition in the apartment of Dorothy Dwyer. New York.

- Good buy, Just in Case, Favorite Portraits of New Russian People. Moscow State University. Moscow

- Presentation. International House of Japan, Tokyo, Japan.

- Favorite portraits of European People. Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities, Moscow.

- The culture of European portraits on Bank notes. The Financial Ministry of Russian Federation.

- Libraries of the World. ACTR, Washington DC.

1998 - Empires: Russia Past & Present. Together with Steve Yates and Bill Wright. The Center for  Contemporary Arts, Abilene, TX.

- Test - Improvisation. Favorite European Portraits. World Bank Headquarters Atrium Pool, Washington DC.

- Favorite Portraits of People in the World. The World Bank, Washington DC, USA.         

- Goodbye Favorite Portraits of European People. Phoenix Cultural Center, Moscow.

- Russia/United States. Chen Cultural Center. Soho, New York.

-Mirages of Empire. Harriman Institute, Columbia University. New York. USA.

- Good buy, Just in Case, Favorite Portraits of New Russian People. American Cultural Center. Moscow.

- The End of the Epoch. Installation. The World Bank, Washington DC, USA.

- Russian Constructivist Ruts: Present concerns. Personal Installation, University of Maryland, USA     

- Russia/America: Mirages of Empires. Chevy Chase Art Center, Washington DC, USA.

- The Last "Pravda". Moscow State University. Moscow.

- Favorite Portraits of People in the World. Citibank, Washington DC, USA.

- Mirages of Empires. Dickinson College, PA, USA.

- Moscow from 30s to 50s. Art department, Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow.

1997 - USSR Atlantis. Swimming pool. University of Maryland. USA.

- The End of  the Epoch. Kunstverein Rosenheim. Germany. (Catalog).

- Moscow - Washington. Carnegie Moscow Center. Moscow.

- Russians and Americans - Brothers Forever. American cultural Center. Moscow.

- Cenzorship. Moscow State University. Moscow.

- Russian Art Happening. Dianne Beal Contemporary Art. Wshington DC.

- The Mystery Play of Berlin. The Goethe Institute. Moscow. (Catalog).

- Mirages of Empire. Wittenberg University. OH, USA.

1996 - Moscow, the End of the Epoch. The Ford Foundation. Moscow.

- Four Empires. Library of Foreign Literature. Moscow.

- Press and Art. The German Embassy in Moscow.

- Mirages of Empire. The Russian House Berlin.

- Memorial to Memorial. Russian Cultural Center, Budapest.

- German Atlantis. Underwater exhibition. Olympia Stadium. Berlin.

- Presentation for the opening of Angelicos Restaurant. Moscow.

1995 - Travel as Art.  Under and Above.  Municipal Art Center 'Rama Art".  Moscow.

- Russians and Americans - Brothers Forever. Together with Steve Yates. Municipal A - 3 Gallery. Moscow (catalog).

- TV Family Channel. Moscow

1994 - Moscow's Red Square in Santa Fe. Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM, USA. (Catalog).

- Exhibition in honor of Beverly Whitney Kean, in the House of Hilary & John Spurling.  London.

- Silver Age. Central House of Writers. Moscow.

- The Chinese New Year. Club Mecenat. Moscow.

- Nostalgic Exhibition among the Cactuses.  Sayon Garden. London.

1993 - Under Cover. IBM Office, Moscow.

- The Cherkashin Metropolitan Museum  with Collection of Sotsrealism. Kremlin, Palace of Congresses.

- The day of Press, the day of Pravda. Ostankino TV Center. Moscow.

1992 - Presentation of The Cherkashin Metropolitan Museum. Moscow.  A-3 Gallery (catalog).

- Excavations and Reconstruction of the Ancient World, Middle of the Twentieth Century.  Personal exposition. Museum of Paleontology. Moscow.

- Love Art for the People. Tvorchestvo Gallery. Moscow.

- Supremacist Bedroom. Personal Installation. A-3 Municipal Gallery. Moscow.

- Cherkashin Metropolitan Museum Starts Spring in Russia. Central Concert Hall Russia. Moscow.

- Design for TV Show. Central TV Ostankino. Moscow

1991 - The End of the Epoch. 1990s. Library of Foreign Literature. Moscow.

- The Funeral of the Epoch. Moscow. On the grounds of the Tretiakov Gallery.  April.

- Works From the Exhibition Halls of the Cultural Workers. The Hall of Sergei Soloviev.  Film and Music Hall 'Rossia'. Moscow.

- Fruits and Flowers Installation. Moscow.

1987 - Project Institute. Moscow

1986 - Scientist's Club of USSR Academy of Science, Chernogolovka.

- Club of Moscow Teacher's Training University.

- Publishing House. Moscow.

1985 - The Maltese Embassy. Moscow.         

1984 - Watercolors. Schusev Museum of Architecture. Moscow.

1983 - "Pravda" Publishing House. Smena Magazine. Moscow.

1982 - Lithographic Studio of the Moscow Union of Artists.  Moscow.

- Exhibition at the apartment, Dom Rossia. Moscow

1978 - Aviation College Student Club. Together with Boris Mikhailov and Vladimir Klim. Kharkov, Ukraine.