Valera & Natasha Cherkashin

Pioneer Camp


The Cherkashins suggested to make the opening in the style of the soviet epoch and open a pioneer camp for one night.
Business Club of Rostov on Don responded with enthusiasm. They have found a nice place on the left shore of Don river. All participants had received the pioneer's ties. Two teams were created: a team of "Artists" and a team of "Businessman".
Everybody retrospect their childhood. They run in sacks, participated in relay-race, pulled the rope and painted girls with soviet symbols.
Everybody enjoyed themselves.



All actions were held under  the strict  observation of camp nurse Tatiana.


Pioneer Camp

Night of Ivan Kupala


Signal for formation.

The group of "Artists"

Report of the group of "Artists" 

The group of "Businessman"


Running in sacks

Pulling the rope

The thrill of victory

Painting the girls with soviet symbols

Explanation of the symbols

The thrill of victory