Valera & Natasha Cherkashin





At the opening talked: Vyacheslav Davydenko,director of Rostov Museum; Elizaveta Lukashova, curator of the exhibition; Steve Yates, curator of the Santa Fe Museum of Fine Arts; Svetlana Kruze, curator of the Museum and Valera & Natasha Cherkashin, artists.


Pioneer Camp

Night of Ivan Kupala


The buffet was made in the style of soviet time. There were only kinds of  food, sweets, vine, cigarettes  which was possible to buy in soviet time. And to buy it, people needed to pay soviet money, though, prices were also soviet. It turned out that some people still had some soviet money in their houses, so very soon the buffet was empty (as it usually happened in Soviet time).

Valera Cherkashin and sponsors of the show--Michael Pluzhnikov and Elena Levina

Steve Yates and Elizaveta Lukashova.

Lecture of Steve Yates, curator of Santa Fe Museum of Fine Arts, about art work of  the Cherkashins.

TV interview of Valera Cherkashin.