Valera & Natasha Cherkashin

Night with a Pioneer Leader

The Museum of Modern Art in Rostov on Don, suggested the Cherkashins to do an exhibition of their early works. It was named after the series of works from 1967 "Night with a Pioneer Leader".  The opening was in July on the day dedicated to Ivan baptizer (Ivan-Kupala).
There were exhibited some photo happenings from 1963--1983 and some early works made in 1981-1983.
Steve Yates, curator of Santa Fe museum of Fine was invited, to give a talk about art work of the Cherkashins and about their place in the context of art of 1960's--1980's.
Valera & Natasha suggested to make the opening in the style of the Soviet Epoch and open a Pioneer camp for one night.





Pioneer Camp

Night of Ivan Kupala


Exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art, Rostov on Don,  Russia. 2007

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