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From Euphoria to Nostalgia

This lecture is dedicated to the stormy period of the beginning of "perestroika" and beginning of underground movement at 1984-1990's.

At that period, first guardedly, in flats, than more and more actively and semi-officially underground writers and poets were able to read their poems and novels to public. Often that events were combined with unofficial art exhibitions or Jazz concerts. Than they took places at art spaces or musical clubs.

The Cherkashins were actively involved in that process, they participated in many events, made friends and were acquainted with many participants and besides, took a lot of pictures.

Now they have a big photo archive of that period.

This lecture is based on photo images from the archive of 1984-1990's and besides on art works, installations and art happenings made by the Cherkashins at that period.

Images and video with interviews will be shown.

We have a Power Point presentation.

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