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Travel as Art

This lecture includes the story about our first and unexpected trip to the United States in 1994 and later to Great Britain and Germany in 1995-1996.

These trips were most conducive to developing our creative ideas. We'll talk about our first trip to «Liberty», about the way we expressed our nostalgia for the USA in Great Britain and also about the long journey our art works took under water from the shores of the Pacific Ocean, through Miami Beach and Great Britain to Hitler's Olympic Swimming pool in Berlin, where the theme «World Atlantis» was generated and developed.

An artistic solution in Japan on the issue of Northern Territories; "Rapprochement of Japan and Russia", Hokkaido. In Niagara Falls solving the problem of "Wonders of the World". "Supremacist Meditation" - Mongolia.

The lecture will be illustrated by digital images and video Films:

1. "The Gift to the Pacific Ocean», 1994.

2. "The Trip to the Statue of Liberty», 1994.

3. "German Atlantis», the underwater exhibition in the Olympia Stadium, Berlin, Deutsche Welle International TV, 1996.

This is a Power Point presentation.

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Visit to "Liberty". New York. 1994

"Supremacist Meditation". Mongolia. Kara-Kurum. 2002

German Atlantis. Underwater installation. Berlin. 1997

Hokkaido. Making Russia one step closer. 2000.

Bathing a work of art at Piccadilly Circus. London 1995

Good-bye Favorite European portraits. Underwater installation in World Bank Headquarters. Washington DC.