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From Soviet to Global Underground

This lecture includes several major periods of artistic work and life of Valera & Natasha Cherkashin from 1962 up to our time.

You will learn about life in Ukrainian village during Soviet time, about beginning of Perestroika and the End of Soviet Epoch.

1960's to 1980's

Valera's self posing and first art happenings in Kharkov, Ukraine. Studying the theory and practice of visual art.

1980 - 1990

Beginning of the artistic work with photography and developing personal style.

1990 - 1994

Beginning of Perestroika and project The End of Soviet Epoch. Work with the cultural heritage of the USSR: the Moscow subway, the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, the Stalin skyscrapers and the mythology of that time. (exhibitions, installations, art happenings in Moscow Underground)

1994 - First unforgettable and life changing trip to the United States, on the invitation of the Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Beginning ot the program Travel as Art.


Work with the cultural heritage of Europe and the United States. International project Mirages of Empires.


Good-bye Favorite European Portraits: Hello Euro - an underwater exhibition in atrium pool of The World Bank Headquarters, Washington, DC. It was dedicated to the exchange of European currencies for Euro, and merged ideas of art, money and national identity.

Since 1999

The Cherkashins have started to work with digital production with the assistance of MFA Photography and Related Media Department of the SVA, located in New York City.

Since 2005

work on the project Global Underground. Digital art works and video art about subways of the World.

Since 2008 to present

Most recently, we have been working on issues related to world economics, politics and environmental changes. It was reflected at several international projects: Monuments, Vibrations, Evolution of Chaos - Apocalypse and more...


Valera Cherkashin with his cousin. 1953

Bodybuilding in the USSR. 1963

Night with a Pioneer Leader. 1967

Kharkov, Ukraine.

"The End of Soviet Epoch" 1992

Moscow, Library of Foreign Literature.

"German Atlantis". Berlin 1996

Favorite Portraits of European People. Underwater Installation. 1999

Global Underground. Stockholm Metro. 2007

Vibrations. 2010-2011

Underground Wedding. 1993

Moscow metro station.

German Atlantis. Underwater installation. Berlin. 1997