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2014 - Finding Freedom in Russian Art, 1961-2014. Selections from the Kolodzei Art Foundation and the Collection of Dr. Wayne F. Yakes. Paul and Lulu Hilliard. University Art Museum, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA, USA.

- The Time of Triumph. Manege, Moscow.

- Fluxus time 1959...1969...1979... in Kharkov, Municipal Gallery, Ukraine.

2013 - The act of Defiance. The body as a Protest in Kharkov's Photography 1970-2010. The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography. Moscow.

- Foto Week DC, Foto NOMA, Galerie Blue Square, Washington DC.

- DC Fine Art Photography Fair, Alan Klotz Gallery. George Washington University, Washington DC.

- The AIPAD Photography Show, Alan Klotz Gallery, Park Avenue Armory, New York.

- Fluxus time 1959...1969...1979... Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York.

- 28 Portraits of Natasha Shmelkova. Museum Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow.

2012 - International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA IV, Krasnodar.

- Art Moscow. Grinberg Gallery.

- XVII Encuentros Abiertos Festival De La Luz. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- Cult of the body. UPHA. Leisure, London.

- FotoFest 2012 Biennial - Perestroika: Liberalization & Experimentation.  Houston, USA.

- SONY Centre for the Performing Arts. Ethnic Channels Group Lounge. Toronto, Canada.

- First Kiev Biennial.  Kharkhov's School of Photography. Lessons of Drawing. Ukrainian Photography 1890-2012. National Academy of Arts. Kiev, Ukrain.

- The Face: The Evolution of Portrait Photography. Photohub-manometr. Moscow.

2011 - Recent Acquisitions: Prints and Photographs. New York Public Library, New York.

- Portrait of 19 Million. Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

- About Transparency. In the direction of Eternal Ice. Kashirka, Moscow.

- PIP. International Photo Festival in Pingyao. China.

- New York, Than and Now. Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

- The Icons of the 1990's. Center of Photography behalf of the Luimer Brothers. Moscow. (Catalog)

- The Face: Portrait Evolution in Photography. Novosibirsk State Historical Museum. Krasnoyarsk Cultural History Museum Complex; Omsk - Gallery Rob; Chelyabinsk, Museum of Art; Ekaterinburg, photographic museum "House Metenkova"; Museum and Exhibition Complex ROSPHOTO in St. Petersburg.(Catalog) Russia.

2010 - Art Palm Beach Fair. Mark Hachem Gallery. FL, USA.

- Art Miami.  Mark Hachem Gallery. Miami, FL, USA.

- Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair. Mark Hachem Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey.

- Barry Friedman Gallery. New York.

- Festival Photo visa, Krasnodar Art Museum, Russia. (Catalog)

- The First South Russian Biennale of Contemporary Arts. Rostov-on-Don.

- London Biennale 2010.

- Art Dubai. Barbarian Art Gallery.

- Evolution. Darwin Museum, Moscow.

2009 - Mythology of Fractal. Gallery "Vector-A". Moscow.

- Psychedelic. Gallery "Vector-A". Moscow.

- Art about Art. The Russian State Museum, St. Petersburgh. (Catalog)

- Bridge Art Fair. New York. Barbarian-Art Gallery 2009.

- From the Collection of Contemporary Russian Art by Nina and Claude Gruen. Zimmerly Art Museum, Rutgers University, NJ. USA

- "Behind Walls. Eastern Europe before and beyond 1989". School of

Humanities and  Journalism. Poznan, Poland

- "Behind Walls. Eastern Europe before and beyond 1989".

School of Social Sciences and Humanities Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2008 - Behind Walls. Eastern Europe before and beyond 1989. Nooderliht Photo Festival. The Neederlands. (Catalog)

- "Behind Walls. Eastern Europe before and beyond 1989". Fries

Museum. Leeuwarden. Holland

- "Behind Walls. Eastern Europe before and beyond 1989". Month

of Photography 2008, Bratislava

- Bridge Art Fair. Miami. Barbarian-Art Gallery. Zurich. Miami, USA (Catalog)

- 20th Anniversary of A-3 Municipal Art gallery. Moscow.

- Underground. Municipal Art Gallery at Solyanka. Moscow. (Catalog)

2007 - Sots art, Political art in Russia. Maison Rouge Gallery. Paris.

- Dots. Museum of Modern Art, Rostov on Don, Russia. (Catalog)

- New Angelarium. The Moscow Museum of Modern Art. (Catalog)

- Moscow - New York. Simultaneous game. From the collection of Kolodzei Art Foundation. NCCA, Moscow.

- The Adventures of "Black Square" by Malevich. The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

2006 - Art Moscow 2006. Partner Gallery. (Catalog)

- ARCO Madrid. Stella Art Gallery.

- Vienna's Fair. Austria, Vienna. Stella Art Gallery.

- Photo Biennale 2006, Central House of Artists, Moscow.

- Alternative Art of 60-90's. Central House of Artists, Moscow.

- From analog to digital photography. 7 years of Yakut Gallery.

2004 - My Kabakov. Stella Art Gallery. Moscow. (Catalog)

- "Eurographic" European Cultural Integration Bridge. Krakow, Kiev, Moscow. (Catalog)

- History of Harem. May Fashion. Moscow.

2003 - IDEA Photographic: After Modernism. Museum of New Mexico, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Catalog)

- Children. Overcoming. Municipal exhibition hall at Solyanka, Moscow. (Catalog)

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- Art Manage. Moscow 2003.

- Contemporary Art in the Metro. Metro train. Moscow.

- Second Video Festival in Moscow.

- Exhibition Dedicated to Helmut Newton, Coffeemania, Moscow.

2002 - Moscow Yesterday, Today &Tomorrow. Museum of Russian Art. Ramad-gan, Israel. (Catalog)

2001 - Red Square. State Historical Museum, Moscow.

- Photo Family. Photo Center, Moscow.

- Photography Saves the World. Museum of Decorative Art, Moscow.

- Kitsch in Photography. Izvestia Publishing House. Moscow.

- Multimedia Festival. Dom. Moscow.

2000 - Moscow In the period of 1920-2000. Moscow's Museum of Contemporary arts. (Catalog).

- The International Art Forum, Perm, Russia. (Catalog)

1999 - Soviet & Post Soviet Sots Art & American Pop Art. Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis MN. Catalog).

- The XX Century reflected in Covers. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow.

1998 - Russian Constructivist Ruts: Present concerns. University of Maryland, University of New Hampshire; Dickinson College, The World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC, (Catalog).

- Moscow. Municipal A-3 Gallery. Moscow.

1997 - From Rodchenko to our days. Museum of Photographic Collections, Moscow.

- 850 Anniversary of Moscow. Municipal A-3 Gallery, Moscow.

1996 - New Russian Art, Works on Paper from Kolodzei collection. Georgetown University, Washington DC.

- Die Grosse Zurcher Ausstellung. Kunsthaus Oerlikon, Zurich.

- Contemporary Russian Art. Collection of Lis Junstrup and Jens Gregersen. State Treiakov Gallery, Moscow.

1995 - New Acquirements. Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

- Collects of Olga  Hirshhorn. The Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC.

1994 - The New Photo Art from Russia. Badischer Kunstverein, Carlsruhe; Galerie im Karmelitenkloster, Frankfurt-am-Main; Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover; Museum Volk und Wirstschaft, Dusseldorf; Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin; Hertener Fototage, Herten, Germany.

- 4+4 Late Modern. Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (catalog).

- Works on paper from the Kolodzei Collection.  Oklahoma City Arts Center, USA, (catalog)

- From life of woman. Municipal A-3 Gallery, Moscow.

- Auction Art Panorama. Club 2x2, Moscow.

- Gallery Sotsium, Moscow.

1993 - Art of Contemporary Photography. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia. (Catalog).

- Moscow Fine Art Gallery.  Moscow.

- Underground Paradise, World Financial Center.  New York.

- Things. Konstantin Shop. Moscow.

1992 - Europe-America 500. Kolodzei Art Foundation, Seattle, USA.

- Malevich Center. Museum of Paleontology, Moscow. 

- To Malevich, Karenina Gallery.  Vienna, (catalog)

- Still Life, Velta Gallery.  Moscow.

- Presentation of "Dar"  Magazine. Kolonnyi Zal.  Moscow

- Moscow's Flat, Municipal A-3 Gallery.  Moscow

- Gala-Portrait, Municipal A-3 Gallery.  Moscow

- Woman against Narcotic Business. Municipal A-3 Gallery

- For the play "The Revizor." Clim studio. Moscow.

1991 - Modern Russian Art. Contemporary Art Gallery. London.

Artists developing the style of Malevich, Tretiakov Gallery. Moscow.

1990Moscow in Cambridge. King's College. Cambridge, Great Britain.

- Traditions of Russian Paintings. Museum of Reconstruction, Moscow.

- Principle KY. the Central House of Artists.  Moscow

- Auction: "Art Collection". Sport Complex "Bitsa", Moscow.

- Erotic Exhibition. Levchenko 6. Moscow.

- Exhibition of Soviet Erotic Art. Kashirka Exhibition Hall. Moscow.

1989 - Auction, "To Help Armenia".  Moscow.

- Photo '89. 150 Years of Photography. Manege. Moscow.

- One Hundred Artists from the Collection of T. and N. Kolodzei, Central Museum.  Tashkent.

- Form and Image. Museum.  Sumy.

- First All Union Photo Festival. Manege. Moscow.

- Fourth Analytic Photography, Ioshkar-Ola, Cheboksari.

- All Union Art Exhibition at the Manege.  Moscow.

1988 - The House of Cinematography.  Moscow.

1987 - The Institute of Atomic Electrical Power Stations.  Moscow.

- Exhibition with the members of the "Hermitage Union". Moscow.

- Presentation of the Union "Hermitage". Profsoiuznaia 100. Moscow.

- the Union "Hermitage". Manege. Moscow.

- Group show. Hotel "Saliut", Moscow

- Exhibition of Paintings "Spring-87", Soiuzvneshtrans, Moscow.

1986 - Stankovaya Graphica on Malaya Gruzinskaya.  Moscow.

- Foreign Ministry of the USSR." Sadovoe Koltso", Moscow.

1984 - Photo Objective and Life. All Union Photo Exhibition at the Manege. Moscow.

1983 - Third all Russian exhibition.  Manege.  St. Petersburg.

1982 - Exhibition of Moscow Art. The Central House of Artists. Moscow.

1981 - Sterlegov's Group. Sterlegov's Studio.  St. Petersburg.