Valera & Natasha Cherkashin



World Bank Installation

Art works

Entrance to the World Bank Headquarters. 1999

Valera & Natasha Cherkashin create underwater installation with European portraits in the Reflecting Pool of the World Bank.

The view of the big pool.

Happenings with portraits

Exhibitions with portraits



The World Bank Art Program is proud to present an unusual exhibition, the site-specific installation, Goodbye Favorite European Portraits: Hello Euro.
This exhibition merges ideas of art, money and national identity to create a concept that is unique and provocative.  Russian artists Natasha and Valera Cherkashin show a deep interest and understanding of cultural history from their own perspective and its links to other nations.   The creation of artworks in this installation is their response to the departure of national currencies.
The choice of presenting photographs of the portraits on currencies underwater stems from the Cherkashins' fascination with water and mythology.  Over the years they have created a number of exhibitions and performances under water. 
Although the emergence of the Euro marks the beginning of a new era in the unity of eleven different cultures and countries, some nostalgia is associated with the disappearance of these national currencies.  This exhibition commemorates the eclipse of these national currencies with a single new European currency-an historic event not only in monetary terms but also in everyday life and culture.

Artemis A. Zenetou
World Bank Art Program

Johann Balthasar Neumann
Germany (architect)

Adolphe Sax.
Belgium. (Musician, inventor)

Annette von Dorste-Huelshoff  Germany.  (Poet)

Clara Josephine Schumann Germany. (Pianist)

Rene Magritte
Belgium. (Artist)

Jenny Lind
Sweden. (Soprano)

Clara Josephine Schumann Germany.  (Pianist)

Daniel O'Connell
Ireland. (Lawyer and politician)

The view of the small pool.

Greece. (Mythological figure)

The view of the small pool.

Johanne Luise Heiberg
Denmark. (Actress)

The view of the small pool. Four countries were not going to change their currencies for Euro: Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark and Greece.

Jenny Lind
Sweden. (Soprano)

Johanne Luise Heiberg
Denmark. (Actress)

Elizabeth II
Great Britain (Monarch)